I need to learn Joomla, how can I start ? do I need to install joomla on my PC or I can try it online ?

If you want to learn the Joomia you should install the site some where you can play with.  I doubt there will be anywhere on online you can try out all the features of the website


My doubt is Joomla software is an exe application that I want to install in my PC or there is any online application in joomla website for creating websites ?

I have my own domain (windows hosting) is it enough for studying joomla ?

You weren’t to know, but this forum is intended solely for questions about using WebMatrix for ASP.NET Web Pages development with the Razor syntax.

Questions about the Web Platform Installer, Web Deploy, WebMatrix tool, publishing, Joomla, IIS Express, or other aspects of the IDE, or PHP development within WebMatrix should be posted to the relevant forum at http://forums.iis.net/default.aspx?GroupID=52.
The forums there share the same membership as those at www.asp.net, so you can use your existing username and password to log in there.

Open WebMatrix > Site From Web Gallery > Select Joomla > Play

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