Java Script Exception

Hi ,I m getting below exception if any one know why its coming then let me know.

Stack Trace:    at System.Web.HttpRequest.GetEntireRawContent()
at System.Web.HttpRequest.get_InputStream()
at System.Web.Script.Services.RestHandler.GetRawParamsFromPostRequest(HttpContext context, JavaScriptSerializer serializer)
at System.Web.Script.Services.RestHandler.ExecuteWebServiceCall(HttpContext context, WebServiceMethodData methodData)<br/>Service Error: Request timed out.<br/>Status Code: 500<br/>Exception Type: System.Web.HttpException<br/>Timedout: false

Hi krajmehra,

Base on the error message, the status code is 500 which means the target site has the exception.

Please check the target site, whether it works fine.

On the other hand, please provide the related code.

Best Regards


Yes it seems to be Internal Server error.

Please debug and put the block of code in try catch that is throwing this exception.

I am sure you would figure out the issue then



I am not getting this exception in development,its happening in production env,I am unable to debug.


How do you get that error message? Is there the detail error message?

Please provide the related code.

Best Regards


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