[RESOLVED]Issue while viewing website online

I have a website that is working perfectly offline, both the HTML and the C# part of the .cshtml work correctly, however, when uploading it to my server, i only see the code for the c# part, but the HTML part does work fine.

Any Idea why? Here are some screenshots of what it looks like.

FIrst is the offline view from webmatrix, second is the online view once in the server

Big thanks in advance, regards.

offline view

Online View

I suspect you have a file on the server that is not the same as the one you have locally.

seem like relative url problem

- check what the real url of  the image when online in browser until you see the image, ie :

- check html source of the page, ie <img src=…..> in browser

- compare both url, is it deferent or not?

- compare also, what deferent between offline and online

- modify image source

The issue are not the images, the issue is the fact that the foreach statement is showing there when it should appear several columns and all

Your site has been hosted on an Apache server. I doubt it is capable of running ASP.NET unless you have Mono support. You need to get your site moved to a Windows server.

thanks a lot, i tried other server and it did worked, this one to be exact as a trial version, moving on to a paid later


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