[RESOLVED]Issue in Focus

In my page, User has an option to add textbox control by clicking a ADD button, whenever he click on ADD button textbox will be added in next line. Each textbox will have a remove icon.

My issues is, after adding more than one textbox, on tab press focus should go to the next textbox. but now, it is moving to the remove icon then next textbox. this should not happen.

How can I achieve this?

You will need to track your tab index and set that value as you add the controls.

Hi g_mani,

First ,I suggest that you can try to use jquery to find the next textbox to set the focus after you click button.

Second,If you don’t mind ,please post your code which can reproduce your issue for me, so that I can test it in my side.

Best Regards,

Kevin Shen. 

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