[RESOLVED]Is Jcarousel also good for high traffic websites that are dynamic ?

So let’s say we decide to use Jcarousel  (javascript plugin ) to display new updated dynamic items horizontally like shown on this
classified ads website  . If this classified ads site is visited by let’s say a million users a day , Would carousel still be able to keep functioning with that kind of traffic given the fact that I would only show the
last 20 ads inserted in the database by the users themselves ?  Personally I do not think it matters because Carousel would only have to deal with 20 ads that are always dynamic linked to the database . Your opinions are very welcome .. Thank you .

The javascript runs on the client side so there will be no server resource usage for that. So it doesn’t matter how many users use it since it consume the client resource. Each user will have their own resources to consumed by the javascript. Database will
be queried on the server. To improve the performance on that, you can
cache the query results

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