[RESOLVED]Is it possible to set the base part of path in a MVC application


I am working on moving stuff from web forms in SharePoint site to a seperate MVC application. 

I will run two sites in paralell in iis and needs a way to route between the applications in the load balancer.

site.com/MVC/ should route all traffic to new site/server. To do this all things located in MVC appliation needs to get /MVC/ in path.

I want to do this without changing folder structure. (creating a folder and move all controllers/css/ and other stuff inside it.)

Is this possible?


You can create a virtual directory called MVC in your site and map that virtual directory to the path where your MVC app lives.


Right Click on WebSite

Add Application option -> Name it as MVC

configure your application path to it.

Browse it.

Thanks both for your answer, and I see this solves this if i run both appliation on the same server.  In the beginning we will do that, but the goal is to reduce the number of sharepoint servers and then i need to run it in a seperate server and I then cant
do it that way, (I guess I can do a dirty empty IIS site on the new servers)

Is there a way to do it without adding it as a virtual application in existing application?

it will need to be a vdir on the new application server. I assume you will use a reverse proxy or the load balancer to handle this. most reverse proxies will handle changing the path name in the request and response.

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