[RESOLVED]Invalid Column Name 'PasswordVerificationTokenExpirationDate'

Good morning all,

Seem to be getting this issue on a web application I am working on.

The site sits on an SQL server, authentication works fine however I seem to only get this when I try to reset user’s passwords. The column definitely exists within the webpages_Membership table.

I am using this as my password reset tool: http://forums.asp.net/t/2012871.aspx?User+Manager+for+Webmatrix+Users

Any thoughts on what is causing this or how I can remedy it?


I seem to recall a spelling error in one of the starter kits where the column name only has only one s in "Password".  Double check the spelling of the column name.

Quadruple checked.. Definitely 2 x s in the ‘Password’ .. Got me stumped..

I recall it was related to ‘token’. Maybe paswordtoken?

I have checked the spelling of all columns.. It’s doing my head in! :)

My guess is that you are looking at the wrong database.

Could it be an issue with one of my DLL’s in the bin or something?

The SQL that gets executed by the WebSecurity helper is hard coded into the WebMatrix.WebData dll. It won’t vary from one copy to another.

Okay, so now I feel like a full blown noob. There was a typo… I had a ‘t’ that looked like an ‘f’ – Sad face.

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