Intellisense won't update for controls added in a MultiView/UpdatePanel


I’ve noticed a problem in VS 2005 SP1 that I’ve observed on many different computers.  Basically if I add an control to an <asp:multiview> (within the <asp:view>) or an <asp:updatepanel> (within the ContentTemplate) the intellisense in the code file
will NOT update until I close the .aspx file and reopen it.  By this I mean I won’t see the control in the dropdown that lists all controls in the page, and if I start typing, the control won’t be in the intellisense box.  Also, I’ll get errors in the "Error
List" if I’ve already written code to use this control. 

These aren’t legitimate errors either, if I run the page, it’ll work fine.

I’ve searched all over for a fix for this problem, but haven’t found anyone else with the problem, and no hotfix seems to be available.  The only workaround is to close the .aspx file and reopen it.

I’m using the VB.Net editor as well.

 Any help or a workaround (other than closing, reopening the file) would be much appreciated!


 If you are using masterpages, keep them open in tabs while development. This may solve your problem. These kind of things happen typically when the scriptmanager is in master page I guess. You should give it a try.


–Hope this helps,

 Anup Daware

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