[RESOLVED]Inquiry: Source Code to study for Intranet MVC Active Directory Application?

I am reading Pro MVC by Jon Gallaway. In it he stated, and I paraphrase, that we need to learn MVC ASP.NET framework by reading documentation and a book. However, we need to learn how to use the framework by studying existing production code. I recently
asked this
. I think I am increasingly convinced that I might want to develop an intranet application using AD as intended by the ASP Identity. Thus, can someone recommend a repo for me to study open source code for an MVC 5 intranet application that uses
AD? Also, other repo’s that show other applications in the MVC 5 framework? Will be useful for me to learn how to study everything I am researching including unit testing. 

I am very hungry to improve myself and not satisfied ever with the status quo of my skills. This is an entirely new area for me and I appreciate the nice people who have been helping me on here. After this question is answered, I think I can take it from
there (at least for a while). :) 



Please see this sample on using Identity. I am not sure whether this covers active directory


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Inquiry: Source Code to study for Intranet MVC Active Directory Application?

There are some tutorials:

#Implement Active Directory Authentication in ASP.NET MVC 5


#How To: Secure your ASP.NET MVC application and use Active Directory as the Membership Provider


Hope this can be helpful.

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