[RESOLVED]iis 7.5 to iis 8.5


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Hello, I want to migrate one of my asp.et mvc sites which is currently hosted locally on my windows 2008 R2 server which has IIS 7.5 running on it to another dedicated server which has Windows 2012 with IIS 8.5 running on it. This dedicated server which
was given to me has Plesk installed in it, when I try to simply create a website and host it like in IIS, it doesn’t work, there is no page found.

I have restored the database and edited the web config files accordingly. I also tried  to browse through localhost by placing the folder containing the web content under the default site, it showed some duplication nerrors first which I fixed and then later
iot showed that I needed to convert it into an application, I dint try that because I need it to work with a particular hostname, for that I believe I need to create a new site with a specific binding. Should I just reinstall IIS nad start from scratch? I
strongly believe that Plesk has something to do with the DNS settings. Please help asap.

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there is no page found.

This does not described a lot, do you get 404 error for your default url or what does it mean?

Also read (maybe) a similar thread http://forums.asp.net/t/2015159.aspx 

Hi prash07,

Thanks for your post.

I think you didn’t need to Reintsall the IIS.I suggest that you post your issue to IIS Forum for professional response.


Thanks for your understanding.

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