[RESOLVED]igoogle like interface in asp .net


 I want to develop igoogle like interface in a asp.net application. Is it possible through AJAX? 

Any pointers on this would be of great help




iGoogle lets a person drag components around and add parts to it however they desire. ASP.NET has a way to do that called Web Parts. I don’t know about AJAX, though.

 definitely this book 


which guide you to build this



have fun

This can certainly be done, but you will need a firm foundation in JavaScript. The
ASP.NET AJAX Futures release has drag-n-drop functionality.


You can also use Web Parts controls


Webparts do not work inside the UpdatePanel in AJAX 1.0 (see

You can try this workaround: http://forums.asp.net/t/1087200.aspx


Also there exists an alternative with touch device and responsive layout support.

See online demo at www.jdash.net/demo

More info can be found at www.jdash.net

Short info:

What is JDash.NET

jDash.Net is an Asp.Net Web Forms control library which allows you to easily and seemlessly integrate end user designed dashboards into your application. JDash.Net is browser and database independent.

Easy Development Using ASP.NET

Simply, develop regular Asp.Net user controls – ascx. JDash.Net automatically converts your user controls into drag-drop dashlets which in turn your users use dashlets to design their dashboards.

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