[RESOLVED]I need help to show more pictures only if i scroll down

Hi, i have many pictures, around 60 and for website downloading time reason i would love to show them 6 by time and whe i scroll down show 6 more and go on…

like happen with the post of facebook, when i scroll down i show more post… like this the downloading time is smaller..

Somebody can help me to do this wiht ajax or jquery code? Thanks

google for lazy scroll loading and pick the plugin of choice. 

This is called infinite scroll. Check this blog

MVC Ajax Infinite

You’ll see this same functionality used quite often in sites that have lots of visual content (like a gallery of images, additional comments, etc.). It can be quite useful for performance purposes as it only loads elements as they are requested
(lazy loading) as opposed to loading tons of content and slowing the intial page load down with content that the user may never even see.

These are typically implemented purely through Javascript or jQuery (as an AJAX request is required to pull the additional content for the page). They work by basically defining a container that contains your content and when the scrollbar reaches
the bottom (or near the bottom) of this container a request is made to pull more content (which is appended at the end of the container).

Some of the most common plug-ins to handle this are based on jQuery and can be seen below :

You can see a
similar question raised here
, which simply creates an AJAX call when your scrollbar reaches the bottom of the page to load more items.

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