[RESOLVED]I can't add a view after migrating my MVC4 project to MVC5

I migrated my MVC 4 project to MVC 5. I followed all the instructions on asp.net site from the article written by Rick Anderson. After removing GUId, I noticed that I can not add a view in my project again. Please how do I solve this problem. Currently I
would pasted the GUIDs that I have in my project so you can see and let me know if I deleted the wrong thing.


Error message displayed when I try to add a controller through scaffolding

There was an error running the selected code generator:
The parameter searchFolders does not contain any entries. Provide at least one folder to search files.
Parameter name: searchFolders’


Yes, you are right. We should delete the MVC 4 project GUID and add the

And about the error, it seems to miss parameter for action method. Please add breakpoint to debug it.


I removed the MVC4 Guid. Please help look that the segment of my config file that I pasted above am I missing something. I followed the steps in the link. Am even tired of looking at that link. Please if you have a template of how mvc5  <projecttypeguids>.
should look like kindly paste it.


It is my section in .csproj file, please refer to the projectTypeGuids node:


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