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Hi all, so as a 17 year old losing interest in IT (and for some reason leaning towards the army as a career) I want to try and re-kindle the fun I had in learning about programming and other computer related topics. I started learning Java over 2 years ago
but am yet to make ANYTHING. I switched to C# about 3 months ago and vastly prefer VS and the language in general, apart from  a few things. I decided to give web development a go and see if I can find some more fun here, and am determined to start with ASP
MVC. But I am yet to find a good learning resource that is recommended by many for "beginners" to web dev. Can anyone refer me to anywhere? I have tried all of the tutorials etc on the site but none of them actually teach me how to use ASP MVC properly, just
how MVC works. I’d really appreciate the help!

My advice is to get yourself a properly structured book. Failing that, start here: http://www.asp.net/mvc. Incidentally, there are a couple of books featured in the bottom right hand corner of that landing page. Either
one will be suitable for your needs.

I Agree with Mike,

It’s much better to start with a structured book, my recommendation are
Professional ASP.NET MVC 5
, in that order if you can buy both, or the first one if you will buy just one.

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Thabk you both. Sorry for the late reply, had some real life issues and completely forgot about this. I will take a peek at those books now and hopefully they will set me right. ASP is quite overwhelming IMO for a beginner.

Instead of MVC (which is daunting for the beginner) perhaps you should consider the Web Pages framework: http://www.asp.net/web-pages. It’s still ASP.NET

I have learned a TON of info from the Microsoft videos (Pluralsight’s are great) and tutorials at
http://www.asp.net/mvc  Start with a beginner one and move forward from there.  

Also, there’s a company called Ed2Go http://www.ed2go.com/ that offers a lot of IT/Web/Programming classes cheap.  I’ve taken a several but the ones that helped me out the most are C# (beginner and intermediate) and the
ASP.NET (even though it’s dated)…and the one that really helped me grasp MVC was the Intro to Ruby (on Rails) class.  Don’t let the "cheap" word turn you off, the classes are really good.


You know. I’ll take time to answer this. First of all, I UNDERSTAND YOU! I started learning ASP.NET MVC 5, 2.5 months ago, and it has been
HELL. I do agree 100% that there’s no good beginners book, that will help you step by step. Heck, when I watched my first video of ASP.NET MVC 5, I thought to myself: "What kind of sorcery is this?!" 

I started learning C# at the beginning of this year (I come from PHP), and with little knowledge I adventured to ASP.NET MVC. Yes, I had no previous knowledge on the ASP.NET

Now, I need to tell you, if you persist enough in learning the concepts, you will
love this thing. The framework saves you so much time, that you wouldn’t know how you lived without this thing.

Now, cutting out the story, let me pinpoint you on what you should focus: 

#1 HTML. Without learning any proper HTML (it’s pretty simple; don’t need to dwell into deep stuff), it’ll be difficult to understand some things. So my first suggestion is
to learn HTML. Mozilla Developer Network is a great way to start:  https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML

#2 Basic C#. Since you come from Java, I believe there hasn’t been much struggle on learning C#. Once you know the basics, you can head to the ASP.NET MVC platform. I learned
from a 2008 Wrox Book. I strongly do not recommend going to ASP.NET MVC if you have
no prior c# knowledge.

#3 ASP.NET MVC. If I were to recommend you a place to start is this book: "Pro ASP.NET MVC 5" By Adam Freeman. Get that book. It’s a jewel. He starts with lots of things that
you will not understand at first. Believe me, I was smashing my head throughout many pages in the book. Since I lacked proper C# knowledge it made me to look online for references.

Suggestion: Do not blame the book, until you reach chapter 15. That’s where you’re going to start understanding the thing. Also, look for other resources online to fill any
black lagoon that can appear throughout the learning process.


#4 Entity Framework. This thing… OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. This thing isn’t referenced in Adam Freeman. But, it’s from utter importance!!!! After I learned this, it was like being
bestowed. Entity Framework will help you manage your databases and insert, read, update, and delete. All the “sorcery” I was talking about was this thing.

#4.1 Entity Framework Code First. Nobody in the world in those videos say that Entity Framework has several approaches, and the most used one is Code First. Look for the web
for tutorials on how to use Entity Framework Code First. It can be from version 4.0 onwards.  

#4.2 Configuring ASP.NET Identity in ASP.NET. Adam Freeman has a book called ASP.NET MVC 5 PLATFORMS. The last three chapters of the book are for free in the documentation.
I recommend you to give it a shot, and to look for the web how to learn with it.

#4.2.1   Learn what Claims are for and how to use them.  


#4.3 Navigation Properties and relationship. Part of the entity framework.


#5 Dependency Injection. For Christ sake! It took me hell long to grab this. But I suggest you to look for the ninject website which explains clearly what is Dependency Injection.


#6: Unit Testing. This is the same as to create a test, which is a method that will try your code, and the result it returns, compare it with something else (an expected value).
This is very very very very very powerful when done right. Because, you can test your whole application in a single click, saving you thousands and thousands of head-smashing.  


 #7 Mocking: Look on the web, what is mocking and why it will help you. This will help you with unit testing. Look also for a video in YouTube about some Google Developers,
although in Python, help you a lot with understanding this concept:

“Mocking is what you want to hear, not what it is” (or something like that).

#8 Google + StackOverflow + YouTube + MSDN + ASP.NET forums + Blogs + Examples: There will be many times in which you’d like to bang your head because you don’t find the resource.
Go ahead and ask the questions.


I have thought many times on writing a book, a super guide, or something similar that will help beginners like you and me to get through this madness. Since the documentation
is dispersed through the universe, henceforth learning is very difficult. But, in reality, it’s very easy and powerful. It’s a pity that there isn’t an organized way on learning this thing. 


I am sorry that I didn’t put many references as I would like to. To be honest I don’t know where they are (because I googled a lot!)


My testimonial is that you will not regret to spend several hours learning this thing.


Oh, and one last thing.
ALWAYS KEEP VISUAL STUDIO UP TO DATE. I had problems with some packages (you’ll learn what are those for later in the book), because the darned program wasn’t updated to the latest version!


Hope this helps. Sorry for not letting you know anymore, anything else just ask! 

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