[RESOLVED]HTTP Request and Response in Razor Web Pages

Hi All,

I am at the planning stage of a new project whereby I will be producing a site which contains a Vehicle Registration Lookup via a third party which then feeds back the information via xml Data.

Does anyone know if this is possible within Razor Web Pages or do I need to use MVC?

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What you’ll use doesn’t really matter. This is the same underlying Framework and you could even use Web Forms or whatever. For now what matters is which kind of web service this is. Have you tried to consume this service?

Many thanks Patrice.

The scenario is as follows:

Internal (non-visible page) uses VRM Lookup to retrieve data of vehicle.

Once retrieved, the data will be inserted into a SQL DB which will then be used to populate an external facing Vehicle Sales Website (hosted via a 3rd Party).

All elements apart from the lookup and sales site Must be developed and hosted internally.

Here’s an article on consuming web services within a Razor Web Pages site: http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/Article/209/Consuming-Feeds-And-Web-Services-In-Razor-Web-Pages

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