[RESOLVED]HTML page deep link to Cell in Excel sheet


I am trying to create a hyperlink on a HTML page that will deep link to a Cell on a Sheet in a Excel file.  The example should work but doesnt

<a href="http://localhost/excel/asheet.xls#Sheet2!D4"> This link will open the Excel file to the second page with the focus on cell D4</a>.

I got this example from here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/197922 

When I open the Excel file it seems to highlight the cell I last saved the as and not th ecell in my href

Does it work for you?

Many thanks in advance


When u click that link, make sure Excel file is loading with in that browser (IE). but not as a separate Excel application.

Hi Raju

Ahhh that is really helpful, is there anyway I can force the hyperlink to always use the browser to view the file.  Or is this overridden by the client settings on the browser?

many thanks in advance



is this overridden by the client settings on the browser?

Yes, it depends on browser settings. Check these sites may help you:



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