How to solve Error : Could not copy … Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed.


i have a MVC web application. its name is StartWPTFramework.

when i run my program it runs iis express and show my website correctly.

when i stop application , iis express and my application remains running. now if i change a little any part of any project in solution and run my program again this error will appear for projects that have been changed.

Could not copy "objDebugStartWPTFramework.dll" to "binStartWPTFramework.dll". Exceeded retry count of 10. Failed.
Could not copy "D:MyFIlesPROWPT.MVC.CMSWPTWPTFrameworkCorebinDebugWPTFrameworkCore.dll" to "binWPTFrameworkCore.dll"

is there any one knows the problem?

You’ll likely want to ensure that your application has stopped running completely. 

You can do this by checking either the Task Manager and looking for any processes related to IIS or your application and stop them prior to editing your application :

This could also be a permissions issues as well. You could try running Visual Studio as an Administrator (Right-click > Run as Administrator) to see if that helps. Additionally, a few users have mentioned this issue as a possible bug within Visual
Studio as seen in this related thread, which might be worth looking through as well.

as i said the IIS and my application in IIS Remain open after stop debugging.

i tried running VS as administrator but problem not solved.

Hi morteza,

After change a project, please clean and rebuild your solution.

On the other hand, please create a new solution with some projects and try again to check the result.

If you still have the issue, please share it to us (OneDrive).


Best Regards

i cleaned and rebuilt it but problem not solved.

is there any way to close iis express automatically when i stop debugging? i tried disabling "Enable edit and Continue" but iis express still running after stop debugging.

Hi morteza,

As far as I know the IIS Express won’t stop automatically unless it crash. Also stop debugging the project won’t stop IIS.

Please try to stop the IIS Express manually, then rebuild your project and try again.

Right click IIS Express icon (Notification Area) in the taskbar and click exit.


Best Regards

i know how manually stop iis. and as i said before if i stop it the problem will solve. but im looking for a way to stop it automatically.

i think the problem is that after running web application iis load dlls of my project directly from bin folder.

i used this tag in web.config of startProject:

<hostingEnvironment shadowCopyBinAssemblies="true" />

but dlls of dependent projects still load from bin folder.

Could you resolve this issue by change the tag to false? Thank you. 

I tested that if you click stop debugging from the Visual studio. The IISexpress will exit automatically.

Hi Morteza,

It seems there some cross referencing has been done. 

Delete the bin and obj folder. Rebuild the solution again. This will probably solve your issue.



none of this solved my problem.

in my application i load some dlls with Assembly.Load from bin folder.

i think that if i load my dlls from temp asp folder my problem will solve.

is there any way to find the path of dll of specific project in asp temp folder?


Pls delete the bin folder and rebuilt the application

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