[RESOLVED]How to learn MVC well?

Hi guys ,

    Recently I was asked to handle a project using MVC5. I’m a fresh man of Asp.net , and before I try to learn Asp.net WebForm an exported who has plenty asp.net developing exprience told me that I’d better jump over the traditional WebForm, and start to
learn MVC directly. Well I’ve learned this "http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials/mvc-5/introduction/getting-started"  and tried the whole sample. But where should I put my right
foot after that ? I know that I’m still far away from a MVC developer, but what I should learn next ? How many things else I need to know before I can use MVC to build a site like this one ?

Thanks for any suggestion :)

I am currently learning MVC modern framework. Do you have a project at work you are working on? If not, no worries, more time for you to learn on your own (I hope). Please take a peak at the Adam Freeman books. See here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Pro+ASP.NET+MVC+5 I
am currently going through them. It will take time. Most importantly, can you think of a cool custom project you want to do? Even if you don’t know how to code the features. Try to build your idea piece by piece. As many Microsoft developers have commented
on their own tutorials, we should really try to learn by doing. 

I am constantly looking for more tutorials and materials myself. My current challenge is finding decent resources for authentication. Hang in there. :) 

Hlyates, what about authentication are you trying to find resources for? Maybe I can help!

Hey Robin,

An enterprise level MVC application would probably use some of the following:

Client Side:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Ajax

Server Side:

  • .NET MVC
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Entity Framework

Some other general things that will help along the way:

  • Security
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Caching
  • Client and Server side debugging tools
  • Unit/Integration/Acceptance testing

I was thinking of creating something that helped people create an Enterprise grade website from scratch. This would help you learn all of the skills, at least at a high level, and also have something to add to your portfolio for jobs.

Does that sound like something you would be interested in/that would be useful?


Just ask here in the forums if you don’t understand something. And do a lot of research


Hlyates, what about authentication are you trying to find resources for? Maybe I can help!

Anything that I can find that is MVC 5. I would like to find source code to study and tutorials. Please read my post

. As for making tutorials yourself, yes, anything you would like to share helps. Additionally, any resources to help learn HTML/CSS/JQuery/JavaScript for ASP.NET MVC specifically?

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your post.


I’m a fresh man of Asp.net

I suggest that you can follow this tutorial:

http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials/mvc-music-store and you can download the completed code to learn

Hope this can be helpful.

Best Regards,


Hi Steve,

Many thanks 2u man! That’s almost the perfect answer I’m looking for! 

Also I’m thinking about that maybe I need a "more complicated" sample for me to learn to.

Actually in the past few year I’ve majored in Winform development using C#, so I think I’m kinda familiar with C#/MsSql/CI/UnitTest methodoloies,but web developing skills are always my weakness :(    Recently I’ve learned by myself HTML/CSS/Javascript, yet
cannot expertly to use those three. So my question after I finished the "Getting Start Sample" was how to use MVC to create an excellent/good looking page…like some popup dialogs or something else to make it more "professional" , or as "Enterprise grade
" like you said. I have a little experience on WebForm developing, but it doesn’t help me at all. Anyway, thanks for your advise so much!

Have a nice day, thank you again :)


Hi Eileen,

Thanks very much.It’s a good suggestion for me. I’ll check it out immediately!!!


Hi hlyates,

Thanks very much!

"Do you have a project at work you are working on" — yes, it’s coming soon to me in 1 week :( 

Anyway, I would like to read that book you recommend to me ASAP.

Have a nice day :)

Hey Robin,

The quickest way to get started with design is to use Bootstrap, which is actually included in new MVC projects.

You can find it here:


It sounds like there are two different things you are asking for.

The first is the skill of HTML/CSS/Javascript, and the second is how to design and make things look professional.

While they are related they are also two different things.

What resources have you used for HTML/CSS/Javascript? For design, check out this book:

Design For Hackers

It goes over the main design principles for developers.


Hello Stephen,

Again, thanks for you suggestion.

Well , I basically learned Front-end developing skills from W3CSchool site and a book "javascript professional", and I tried a lot of tiny demos, but that’s far away to be called professional. I agree with you about " two different things you are asking
" and yes, both of those two are my weakness :(  

Maybe I asked that in a wrong way, I think actually I’m wondering if there’re some examples for me to understand how could I create an "enterprising" website with asp.net MVC. 

As you may know, with Asp.net, it’s a little bit easier to create an aspx webform page contains a popup window, or some cool/good-looking things, because the web controllers make it easy to do so. I guess it’s not a good way to develop any web applications
with web controller, but with MVC, eh…I don’t know how to arrange my page at all. The reason I like the artical "Getting started with mvc5" so much is the author introduce me a lot of basic knowledge about MVC through a simple demo. But I still have many
questions about MVC and don’t know what kind of things I need to know deeper for the coming project :( And that’s why I post my question here for help.

Anyway, thank you sooooo much! Have a nice day man :)


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