[RESOLVED]How to import Resume in Asp.net MVC

I want to import a resume like when a resume is uploaded, immediately resume content like candidate skills,experience should display on text fields like skills on skills textbox from resume, experience in experience textbox from resume. How it is possible,
can u give me some example how to do this in Asp.net mvc.

Is there any .dll to do that?

I have tried on google, but i didn’t get perfect example, please help anyone


. How it is possible, can u give me some example how to do this in Asp.net mvc.

MVC does not read Word documents. You should try some other controls, such as ASPOSE

In addition to aspose you can try DocX (http://docx.codeplex.com/) or the XML SDK.

Reading the Word document itself is only half the issue, the other is parsing it intelligently to extract the data you need, which is not a trivial process.  People build whole businesses around what you’re trying to do, it’s unlikely you’re going to get
someone to give you industry leading code for free.  I’m sure there will be components that do this work already if you google for them.

There are some third party tools that provides the resume parsing functionality. Please take a look at these sites



If you don’t want to go with third party tools, then I recommend to take a look at Open XML toolkit.


Can you give some reference example using Open XML toolkit, that how it will work.

I googled "open xml sdk read word document" and here are some links, if you google yourself you’ll find a lot more



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