How to create roles (or is it filter?) for active directory users in an ASP.NET MVC5 application using windows authentication?

I am learning MVC 5 and the new windows authentication that comes with MS Identity. I currently have a ASP.NET MVC5 application with Windows Authentication (using Active Directory). At this point, I can authenticate with my AD account but the website is
bare bones. Application name, home, about, contact. Etc. My question is how can I modify the existing application to create different access for group users in AD? For example, admin, managers, and normal users.

Also if possible, could you please provide me with access to 1. documentation, 2. tutorials, and 3. open source production code that I can study? I am and want to work very hard, but I value word from experience folks and professionals more than I trust
some of the google results I have been looking at. Please help my efforts so I can maximize my learning.

So all that being said, thanks for your patience reading this and please contribute to my knowledge. I really want to learn how to do all this stuff and as quick as possible.


Hello. Is it okay if you send me your sample code so that I can help you with querying the Active Directory with mvc 5. You can upload it on github if you want.

Sure. That would be awesome.

Here is the demo program I am currently using. Please pardon the very basic template as generated by MS. You can see it here.  I am using IIS7.5 to authenticate using AD. Thus, the MVC5 code is highly
decoupled from the IIS7.5 authentication. Please read above to figure out what I am trying to do, but basically provide roles for users in my AD.

Feel free to put your sample code on github and I will fork/pull it. You are the best for offering to help.

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