[RESOLVED]How to chek why my website is long to be downloaded and what to do to decrease this time

Hi, i notice that my web site takes more time to be downloaded if i compare with other sites with same amounth of images…

How can i find what make my site long to be downloaded?

And how to fix?


I believe the issue here is likely related to the physical sizes of your images, which can take quite some time to download if they are extremely large.

You’ll want to ensure that the image matches the size of the container you are intending to place it in and that the image has been optimized (to help reduce the size of it). When you see this occurring on a site, it is typically because the image
that is being loaded is :

  • The image(s) may be too large (for example a 800×800 image being loaded into a 100×100 container requires the browser to do lots of unnecessary work)
  • The image(s) are not optimized (you can use several online compressors like Smush.It or Kraken.io to optimize your images online)
  • The image(s) are physically quite large (this can depend on the types of files being uploaded, as files like bitmaps are extremely large).

Optimizing your images will likely help this issue tremendously. If you want to look at these requests, consider using the Developer Tools (F12) within Chrome and checking out the Network tab which will allow you to see each of your AJAX requests that are
made and their sizes.

Consider Using a Third-Party Analyzer

I would recommend running something an analyzer like one of the following on your site :

  • Using Google PageInsights - Google’s PageInsights can help you find areas of improvement and offers suggestions on how to get your site running faster.
  • Using Yahoo’s YSlow Analyzer - Very similar to Google’s PageInsights, YSlow looks for areas that you can check to improve the performance of your site.

It will provide you with any major concerns that might be slowing down performance on your site and how to resolve these issues. You might see something like the following after running it, which will let you know what images you need to consider optimizing
and the amount of size that you will save :

One Final Recommendation

If you want an excellent resource that encompasses a variety of methods to improve your website or web application, I cannot recommend the Web Developer Checklist enough. There
is also an ASP.NET-specific version available on the site as well
 and one that focuses specifically on ASP.NET Performance. It’s probably one of the best single resources that I have found for
improving nearly all aspects of a website or web application.

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