[RESOLVED]How to change views location for DisplayModeProvider

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I develop massive web application with a lot of views. It is messy to keep desktop/mobile views in same folder. Is it possible to group mobile views (name.Mobile.cshtml) into explicit subfolder and say to DisplayModeProvider to find views there? For example:


moves to



moves to



You can use Areas (an ASP.NET MVC term, sometimes referred to as ‘Module’ in other MVC frameworks).

See here:


In short, an Area will let you have controllers & views specific to the ‘Area’, like so:

Regular structure (default area):

‘Admin’ area (for example):

As of routing, you’ll usually have to configure it manually by ‘registering’ areas in Global.asax

Thank you for your reply. I asked the same question on stackoverflow.com, then i found the solution and wrote message there. Here is the link:


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