[RESOLVED]How to call Getmethod in HomeController?

Hi Friends,

              I have using Three Layers in my Project .Namely DataAccessLayer ,BusinessLayer and CommonEntity Layer.

When i am trying to  edit the Record from view . I need to write the Getmethod .I created but my doubt is , how to call that method in HomeController .

I show the code :  Help me out if possible ..


public CrickeCommontEntity GetCrickById(int PlayerId)

CrickeCommontEntity Objds = new CrickeCommontEntity();

using(CRICKETEntities Context =new CRICKETEntities())
var Temp = Context.PLARYERHISTORies.Where(m => m.PLAYER_ID == PlayerId).SingleOrDefault();

Objds.Common_Country = Temp.COUNTRY;
Objds.Common_Player_Name = Temp.PLAYER_NAME;
Objds.Common_Total_Runs = Temp.TOTAL_RUNS;
Objds.Common_Total_Wickets = Temp.TOTAL_WICKETS;
Objds.Common_Player_Rank = Temp.PLAYER_RANK;
Objds.Common_Catches = Temp.CATCHES;
Objds.Common_Player_Role = Temp.PLAYER_ROLE;
Objds.Common_Play_For = Temp.PLAY_FOR;


return Objds;



public CrickeCommontEntity GetCrickByIdBL(int PlayerId)
ICricketDataLayer DbObj = new CricketDataLayer();
return DbObj.GetCrickById(PlayerId);


HomeController :

public ActionResult Edit(int id)

ICricketInteraction ObjDB=new CricketInteraction();

IList<CricketViewModel> _EditView = new List<CricketViewModel>();

return View(ObjDB.GetCrickByIdBL(id));

       The above homecontroller functions is wrong ,i require the solution .

Thx in advance 

-Karthik k 



Hi Karthik,

You can instantiate the BusinessLayer Class and call the method by passing the id.

public ActionResult Edit(int id)

IList<CricketViewModel> model = new List<CricketViewModel>();
IBusinessLayerService service= new BusinessLayerService();  //// Instead directly Instantiating this, you can also use // Dependency Injection

model  = service.GetCrickByIdBL(id);

return View(model);

@ Rajesh ,

           The same i called, as you mentioned .If i do so , i gets the error Typecast error .How to do that 

Thanks in Advance ,

Karthik k


You are getting typecasting error because your function GetCrickByIdBL(int PlayerId) returns
CrickeCommontEntity but your are trying to fetch the data into object of IList<CricketViewModel>. That’s wrong.

@ PawanPal,

                        I thought so .But i want solution .How to get rid of that issue. 

Thanks ,

Karthik k



Change Database Layer Method implementation to return different object as:

public CricketDTO GetCrickById(int PlayerId)

CricketDTO Obj = new CricketDTO();

This class will contain the properties which you want to display in UI.(called as VIewModel)

You will have to change BusinessLayer Method return type from ENtity to this new Class.

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