[RESOLVED]how to automatically generate my sitemap.xml

Hi, i understood that the sitemap.xml is important to be on google… than i would like to know if there is an easy script in MVC to generate it aoutomatically.

I want this because my site is a little blog and i update it daily…

another thing that i need to do is the fact that my blog is done in 4 languages ENG, FRA, ITA ESP, so i would love to know ow it works for the site map to be in 4 languages and than ow to generate it..


Hi grafic,

As far as I know, there isn’t the script to generate the SiteMap file automatically in ASP.NET MVC.

You need do it by yourself.

There are some articles that can help you:

# Generating dynamic XML Sitemaps in ASP.NET MVC


# Dynamically create google SiteMap with ASP.NET


Best Regards

Starain Chen

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