[RESOLVED]How can i format a number in javascript according to cultureInfo ?


I have a number lets say   123456789.123 and i would like to use the locale on the browser to display the number . The culture is Hindi and it would display it as 

12,34,56,789.123 . 

It takes into account Nunbergroupsize and separator. How can i do this , keeping in mind that it needs to work with other cultures aswell.


I know that you can use the available
functions in Javascript to handle performing conversions like this :

<!-- A ScriptManager instance which can help with locale related issues -->
<asp:ScriptManager ID="YourScriptManager" runat="server" EnableScriptGlobalization="true"></asp:ScriptManager>

<!-- Example script demonstrating formatting -->
<script type="text/javascript">
            // Grab a number
            var x = 123456789.123;

            // Format using Hindi
            var formatted = x.toLocaleString("hi");

            // Alert the new number
            alert(formatted); // outputs "12,34,56,789.123"

As you can see above, this works for explicitly setting a culture, however if you wanted to use the one locally available in the browser, you could try using the navigator.language property as seen below :

var formatted = x.toLocaleString(navigator.language);

This will attempt to pull the current language from the browser and format appropriately. If you are in need of more information, I would recommend checking out the
available ASP.NET Globalization and Localization documentation found here.


thanks for the reply, but i find that using   toLocaleString can be undreliable in chrome , firefox and even IE at times, It seems to render the value incorrectly.

I managed to pass in the Number of digits in each group. In Hindi its 3 , 2   so for a number like 

123456789.123 i would get 12,34,56,789.123.

How can i do this in javascript ?

I tried 

for (var
i < myArray.length;


//apply the 3, to get 123456,789

//then apply the 2 on the remainder to get the rest,  12,34,56,789.123




Try calling this js function:

function toIndianNumber(val){
  var val1 = val.split('.');
  return toIndianNumberRecursive(val1[0]) + (val1.length>1 ? '.'+val1[1] : '');
function toIndianNumberRecursive(val){
      return val;
        var limit=val.length-7;
        var crore = val.substring(limit);
        return val.substr(0,limit)+','+ toIndianNumberRecursive(crore);
      else if(val.length>=6)
        var limit=val.length-5;
        var lakh= val.substring(limit);
        return val.substr(0,limit)+','+ toIndianNumberRecursive(lakh);
      else if(val.length>=4)
        var limit=val.length-3;
        var thous= val.substring(limit);
        return val.substr(0,limit)+','+ toIndianNumberRecursive(thous);
      else return val;

//alert(toIndianNumber('123456789.123')); //call

If the toLocaleString() and localeFormat() functions don’t work, you might try considering a plug-in like
globalize.js, which is designed to handle implementing globalization features like you are referring to. 

I would highly recommend using a library for something like this, as it will likely be more well-tested and reliable than an attempt and manually splitting your values for every culture that you need to target.

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