[RESOLVED]Highlight the TAB

How to make the tab exaggerated/highlighted when the mouse is hovering the TAB, like the one being highlighted in green below?


Can you sharer he code or link to check what exactly is happening.


I don’t have the codes but I’m to see if there are any sample codes to achieve this.

Hi You can check htis.


Hope this will help you.

Many thanks. where to decrease the distance between 2 "Drop-down parents"?


you can reduce margin for decrease the distance between two like show below.

#demo .wrapper{

margin:0 4px 0 0;



hope this will help you.

Many thanks. Each Drop-down parent is appearing like one button there. How to adjust it, and make it only appear like one button, when the mouse is hovering on top of it?

I have removed the bottom link to do so please check i think u  want this.



Sorry, can I know what you’ve currently changed above, as if I’ve put your recent codes, it will also affect other items on the same page?

I just removed the child div .

Many thanks Bright. Actually I want to see that the relevant TAB would be a little bit bigger, once the mouse is hovering on top of it.

I have increased its width on hover

check this


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