[RESOLVED]Handling Fatal errors

I’m a newbie. Something I seemed to notice while using F5 to run/test the application in VS.

I’m using a divide by zero error to get some inkling as to what error conditions shut down an MVC application completely (Internet Template)

I seem to get the impression that it shuts down if an unhandled exception throws when the first page is loading for example if I put the bad code in my Home controller

public ActionResult Index() {



Whereas if the error is triggered from the clientside – if he posts a request to an Action/method which has the bad code, he gets an error page but the app doesn’t shutdown.

Are there additional situations/scenarios that would likely shut down the application?  (I’m just referring to coding problems caused by I myself, so I’m not expecting anyone to expound on all the myriad factors in the Windows environment that could possibly
shutdown an app).

Execution is stopped by default when you run the page in debug mode (F5) and it encounters an unhandled exception. If you run without debugging (Ctrl+F5), you get an error page instead.

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