[RESOLVED]Footer in static HTML web site

I support a website that is all static html pages. Every page EXCEPT the index.htm page has just a blank footer on it.  They are requesting me now add to certain information to that footer on all the pages etc.  What is the best way to do this where I can
have one file (footer.html) and basically make a master page and connect it to every page in the static website.  Then if I need to change a phone number or email address, then I can go to that one file and do it there and it will reflect in all 100+ pages

If you are already using Framesets or Iframes, that would be easier for you to enhance it.

Framesets could be one option:


IFrame is another option though not recommended due to various obvious reasons:

I agree with Siva. Another option would be to load the pages into footer.html via ajax. Like below


So the footer.html will act as the master page and it will load the relevant page to a div accordingly.

Personally, I’d rather stick to the iframe variant rather than using ajax

The iis can make it, you can search google how to create footer website by iis .
hope this help

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