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I have an application with asp.net 4.0 and telerik.In my application, i have used radajaxmanager, radTextbox.When i entered the data and click on the button. It will display result, and this time is showing an error on the status bar IE  8 such as ‘)’ expected.How
can i resole this.




You can use the IE Developer Tools (Short cut: F12) if you are using Internet Explorer, to get to the exact source code where the error occurs.

You can use FireBug tool/extension (need to install it, as it doesn’t come by default) if you are using FireFox.

Alternatively, You can see at the bottom of the page, you may get the alert box where you generally see "Done" as the status in the IE browser. If you double click it, you can observe any broken script errors based on your IE settings.

dileep Sanker

How can i resole this.

Without relevant codes of yours ,how can you expect to get appropriate answers :).Share some codes.

Hi dileep,

First I suggest that you can press F12 to check where you have got the error message.

Second, telerik belong to the third party control, i suggest that  you can post your issue to their forum for a professional solution:


Best Regards,

Kevin Shen.


am getting the error at the line given below, if i press the F12.


How can i resolve this.



These resources (axd) files will not be exist as files physically and will be produced mostly by HttpHandlers that load special content (images/scripts/CSS etc) that are embedded in DLL files so that they can be sent to the browser as part of the response.

So, you would need to figure out by removing the additional content until you see which particular control (I assume it would be Telerik one) produced this axd file Or, try commenting the suspected control, and check if axd disappears if that makes easy
for you to identify the problematic control. And, then check with that party who gave you the control.

Once you are sure telerik control produced your axd file, post your question on telerik forums (http://www.telerik.com/forums) as suggested by Kevin.

But in same page,, am having same some other  telerik controls also.. it is working fine…But,Even in all time the same is working fine in mozilla.

Yes Dileep, understood. So as per your description, the axd file created some script, which is working fine in Mozilla Firefox but not working only in other browsers, such as IE.

However, to find out what exactly causing the issue, we need to debug the code which is generated by axd. However,  as I understand, you have not created any code to generate axd file. So, we need to find out whether it is inbuilt axd which is causing the
issue or, is it the axd which is generated by a "particular third party" control.

To ensure that, you need to find out the control which is generating the axd as per the approach mentioned above, to contact the source team who generated the axd.

Hi Siva,

It will Keep on changing the error line for every run. Sometimes it showing the error at the line of <td> also.



If the radgrid having only one record with That Radtextbox , It is working Fine in IE, Mozilla. But it the grid is displaying more records With that radtextbox.Then only , it will show an error in IE.

In both cases, radgrid is displaying the data based on word entered into the radtexbox and click on the search button.

Good that you could nail down the problem while using the rad controls. If it is the problem with the rad controls, I suggest you post the further issues in the appropriate third party forum. Probably on:

Hi siva,

Only some scenario throwing the error with same control,,,otheriwse it is working fine in IE and mozilla also..Am suspecting the problem with  IE8.

Thanks & Regards,

Couple of points to consider:

The problem might exist in other browsers but modern browsers are more forgiving of errors than older (IE8) ones. So – don’t assume it’s just IE8 where the error is.

Also – auto generated code might contain errors but sometimes errors can be in other scripts/inline page scripts but the error is reported as being elsewhere.

Have you tried running the page in Firefox with Firbug installed and running? You might get a more accurate representation of what’s going on using that set up.


I have run the same in mozilla with firebug on, it is working fine, not reporoduced any error

Hi dileeo,

telerik belong to the third party control, i suggest that  you can post your issue to their forum for a professional solution:


Best Regards,

Kevin Shen.

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