[RESOLVED]Domain and subDomain with shared data and classes

I need an advice about Best practise for the following scenario  

 I have an MVc 5 code first website , the clint would like to have the site also in English as subdomain (www.en.MyDomain.com
– for English speaking ppl in my country )

  and keep the original (www.MyDomain.com)
 How ever large scale of the data is mutual in both sites how do I approach it ? should I create new project and copy classes and connection string ? should I create new project in the same solution  and set it up as start project in the subdomain ?

Your advice please .

Multi-lingual is rarely something you can retro fit to a website that never intended to have it.  I would have a single site that both domains point to, and what language of text is shown will be decided by the active domain.  Your main issue is actually
writing your site such that it can get its text from resource files rather than being hard-coded.  If you google for how to do a multi-lingual site you’ll find lots of examples.

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