[RESOLVED]Developing an advanced User Interface using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript


Lately, I was developing the UI using Silverlight technology, but I’m planning to start develop it using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Can you please guide me how to start do it?
for example, I want to develop a UI which manage SQL Server DB (Insert, Update and Delete Data)

Please, need your help.


Bader Nadeem

Find some sites that cover HTML5 and CSS3 design and start learning. There are no tutorials like that here. This is an ASP.NET forum.

you need read "learn html 5 in 5 mins" and explorer the structure of bootrap . hope this help you


It should be noted that Silverlight is really more closely related to actual desktop-style applications as opposed to pure HTML web applications. With that being said, its completely possible to create extremely professional / advanced user interfaces purely
with HTML5, CSS and Javascript. This really is going to depend on your current level of comfort with working with these three technologies. If you are unfamiliar with them, it wouldn’t be too tough to invest some time and pick them up.

Learning CSS, HTML and Javascript

While they are quite easy to pick up, they can be difficult to master and get things to look just right without quite a bit of time / effort / experience. If you were interested in learning a bit more about them, there are tons of sites out there that can
introduce you to picking these up. The following are some excellent sites that offer tutorials, walkthroughs and basic "courses" on using CSS, HTML and Javascript : 

I’ll include a few other resources that come to mind and I would recommend you taking a look at for some additional assistance.

The Other Approach : Templates or Components

Another approach that might be worth pursuing might be to search around for some pure HTML "CRUD" templates within ASP.NET. Basically, all you’ll need to do is create very simple AJAX events that can post the appropriate values to certain actions within
your server-side code so that you can save values to your database. You really don’t NEED AJAX to do this, but it’s an extremely common approach that you’ll see in quite a few types of Web Applications.

Another option would be to consider looking into some of the available functionality from high-end component vendors like
Telerik and their Kendo UI components. They are extremely professional in appearance, generally offer extremely responsive support and are very well documented as well. 

very nice answer @Rion.

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