[RESOLVED]Cut or Copy displays 'insufficient memory' error in Visual Studio 2010

I have VS 2010 ultimate on windows XP sp3 with .net frame work 3.5 sp1 and frame work 4.0 both installed.  I have web project and it was working fine and suddenly after installing VS 2010 productivity power tools I started facing several crashes and a error
messages when copy/paste that display “Cut or Copy  insufficient memory”.

After googling a bit I found that this issue has been addressed and Microsoft announced
VS10-KB2251084-x86.exe hotfix. From here my problem comes around, after installing this hotfix suddenly visual studio 2010 ultimate start prompting compile time errors which are like.

“Does not contain a definition for   and no extension method accepting a first argument of type could be found, (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)  CS130 ”

I removed actual method and class name they are bit long from above message.

 Before installing this patch everything was fine with asp.net framework 3.5 sp1 project.

I spend nearly 6hrs to fix this issue and I came cross to mojo portal link that describe this as Framework 3.5 SP1 is not installed
but it was in my case.


I just uninstall Framework 3.5 sp1 and then install it back resolve issue. Where I believe this issue is caused by VS10-KB2251084-x86.exe hotfix with power tools installed. May be hot fix caused some corruption in framework3.5 sp1 in my scenario.


Can you provide the install log of VS10-KB2251084-x86.exe?

If you have more details about this issue, you can report this to Microsoft Connect:


Thank for your help to inform this issue.

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