[RESOLVED]Custome Control Pageing ?

I have Create datapager( in custome cotrol  (User Control)

i have need comman control just drag and drop with stored procedure with pageing

hi jayrajgiri ,

From what I understand you want to add command control with stored procedure with paging. 

Your main purpose is to call a stored procedure via the control. 

I would suggest you to read the reference below for more information: 

 ASP.Net GridView using SQL Server Stored Procedure: 

Custom Paging in ASP.Net GridView using SQL Server Stored Procedure  

How to do custom paging: 

.Need to customize you store procedure 

.Change in binding Gridview or DataList or Repeater whatever you are using 

.Need to populate ( Generate ) Pager (Pagination ) manually ( Code also given below). 

Custom paging in asp.net using stored procedure in gridview    

 I hope it helps you.

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