I started learning asp.net and i have a project where i need to make a horizontal menu.How to use li and ul 

to make a CSS menu.




Thanks Darth.I got that.I have made a full CSS menu using ul and li.And i now want to use that

menu in my asp.net website.But the asp.net menu control generates a different CSS class.

How do i use li and ul in asp.net?



If you created your own menu, just use that instead of the menu control. I don’t use the menu control at all in my sites.

Is it not possible to use ul and li while using menu control? *i just started learning this asp.net and HTML/CSS thing and i am loving it 

(sometimes frustating) so my questions might sound silly for you .NET ninzas.Pardon me.


A control is not something you have granular control over. It does and renders as it was designed to.

So i dont need a sitemapdatasource?

Why do you think you need that? You can do as much with plain old html/css as you want, use .net controls for dynamic data type things

OK i will do and will update!


Hello sir,

So i dont need to have this website map?

There are plenty of options out there, try going to
. Usually has some good stuff there.

If you just learning about asp.net and need to create menu using li and ul, I think you must first learn more. A lot of css tutorial for this goal. Also, you can use the CSS Menu Generator for easily doing.

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