[RESOLVED]Center my content in the web page using Webmatrix, etc,?

Hi folks. I hope this is the right forum to post this, but I have a question. I’m using an older theme that my client bought about 4 years ago. They like it, but it had tables as the means to layout part of the page. They also of course used Div tags and
spans, which I plan on using again and also using the layout features of Webmatrix. The problem is this: 

Originally the designer used the table to layout the page content in the center. All of the page content is centered right after the body tag. I want to do the same, but I don’t want to use the Center tag as I understand it’s going to be gone with the newest
HTML guidelines. I also just don’t want to use tables, and I have no problem using Div’s, but I want to be able to center all the content. The page is just a standard page that has a menu on the left in a div, a header in a div, and content below it in a div
as well. The thing is, I want the content to resize with the browser resizing, etc, as one would using a table in the old days? Any help would be appreciated. I am pretty new to the CSS stuff, but I think I know it pretty good and I can’t figure out a way
to center stuff / divs if the user resizes the browser, etc,. Especially if I use the Absolute positioning which I like to use.. for the divs to make sure the sizes are correct to hold images and content that’s coming from the DB, etc,. 



You may get some css idea here-


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