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[RESOLVED]Remove DropDownList from CatalogZone


I’ve been searching the web for a couple hours in search for an answer to my question. If the answer already exisists and I overlooked it, I apologize.

I’ve implemented a variation of a general CatalogZone on my webpage. Instead of using the standard dropdownlist, I found a way to implement a drag and drop method to add user controls into webpart zones. Because of this, I would like to get rid of the zone

I was wondering if there’s a way to get in and remove said dropdownlist altogether, whether that’s by overriding something or even just being able to edit the html that’s used to build the site without disrupting the overal structure of the part.

Anywho, thanks in advance. If any type of clarification is needed, I would be glad to furnish such.




As far as I know you cannot change the componment of CatalogZone Control, you can try to write a custom control instead.

For more:

I hope this can be helpful for you.