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[RESOLVED]Unwanted Caching in IE 8

I wrote an html page that loads an xml file and xsl stylesheet. At the top of the html file I’ve included the following but IE8 still has an old version of the xml file cached and displays data for that file. What would you recommend?  I know IE8 is old,
but it’s still  used where I work. Thanks

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">



How you are accessing the xml file? through ajax?

use HttpHandler and emit xml content from it instead of direct file access from server.
The use is, we can set response.expires to immediate expiration.
Check this site:

If u need idea of how to use HttpHandler, check this site:

The Meta Expires tag defines the expiration date and time of the web document that is being indexed. It has been said that the Meta Expires tag is helpful for those periods when your business is running a limited time event/offer or if there is a preset
date when your web document will no longer be valid for indexing. Once you have reached the listed date, the search engines are then supposed to delete your web page from their database.


So you need another way to tell the browser not to cache this page. What do you use on the server side, .Net Web form or MVC?