can not create user in the Administration tool, but can use CreateUserWizard to create user inthe porgram


I have a issue about ASP.NET Administration tool.

I can not use that tool to create new user . I have test provider , all are OK. I can delete user, add ,delete role ,in the tool ,but just could not create new user.

 and I have put a CreatUserwizard in the program. after I run the program I can use this createUserwizard to create new user. and in the Administration tool, can show this user.

So does anyone know what the problem it is ? if it is just config problem, Why in the program can create new user ,but in the Administraion tool can not?



did you define a configuration for membership provider in ur web.config?





yes.  I am wondering you see in the program ,it can add the user from CreateUser Wizard that means my Membership provider should be no problem, why in the Administration tool could not create user?  do not understand


Administration tool could not create user


what do you mean? do you received an error message? or maybe its pointed to another database.

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