[RESOLVED]Can anyone convert this SQL query to LINQ

SELECT DISTINCT road.Item_No,  item.Name , qty.MPER , qty.QTY , road.RevisedNotification_Id 

FROM  rms_category_roadmaintenance road, RM_ITEM item, rms_rn_qty qty

WHERE qty.RevisedNotification_Id = road.RevisedNotification_Id
                AND qty.M_No = road.Mno 
                AND item.TYear = road.Tender_Year
                AND item.INo = road.Item_No 
                AND road.Contract_Id = 5
                AND road.Tender_Year = 2014
               AND road.Certificate_Id = 74
               AND road.Delete_Flag = ‘N’ ORDER BY road.Item_No


Download LINQ pad from http://www.linqpad.net/ . This would do translation from SQL to LINQ or LAMBDA.

Hope helps.

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