Bundle process removing css content property

After i bundle my css all css content property are change to

I tested and have the same issue with vs2012 and 2013, with first and lastest version of web.optimization and webgrease, single or double quotes make no diference, still removing the content property value and set as


I was thinking maybe, the problem is with encoding or line endings and again… makes no diference, tested with Unix, Windows, UTF8 with and without BOM, Windows 1252, ISO-8859-1.

Bundle register:

bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("~/Content/Css/Styles").Include( "~/Content/Css/iconFont.css", "~/Content/Css/metro-bootstrap.css", "~/Content/Css/metro-bootstrap-responsive.css", "~/Content/Css/select2.css", "~/Content/Css/Site.css"));

Before bundle:

.icon-newspaper:before {
    content: 'e001';

.icon-pencil:before {
    content: "e002";

After bundle:




Interesting…. just yesterday I was having bundling issues with both CSS and JS files.  What I found out and I don’t know why was if I removed all MIN files my issues went away!  

Thanks for reply. 

All min files are already removed.

Have you tried using the minification with WebEssentials first to see if that helps?

Thanks for trying to help as you said i try with web essentials and same issue… i even uninstall web essentials for sure.

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