[RESOLVED]Bootstrap stylesheet somehow being overriden

For the pages of my site that will be publicly viewable I’m using bootstrap sheet #1. For the admin area I’m using bootstrap sheet #2. The admin area is a folder off the root. Inside this folder I created a new "Content" folder where I placed bootstrap #2.

When I run the app the navbar background gradients that I made in bootstrap #1 (in "Content" folder off root) is being applied to the admin area pages that are supposed to only be rendered according to bootstrap #2.

Obviously there is something somewhere making this happen but I’m at a loss to figure out where to look.

Any ideas?

I feel like a fraud here. So often I post a question when I’m tearing my hair out only to find the solution a few minutes later. This is so common for me I should know how to pretend to have posted a question !

Anyway the solution was to have commented out this line that had been copied into the new master page from the main site master page.

 <%--  <webopt:bundlereference runat="server" path="~/Content/css" />--%>

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