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Hello. New Web Site with Visual Studio (Razor v3) comes with some files when I create a bin folder.

in the bin folder "x86" and "amd64" folder there.
What does these folders, should I delete?

In addition, each under a dll file attached to it comes in some files.

Example: system.web.razor.dll file depends on the xml file system.web.razor.dll.refresh and system.web.razor coming.

When I create a new site with WebMatrix and xml file does not refresh. What good are these sated, I should delete?

The x86 and amd64 folders contain the runtime for SQL Server CE. If you aren’t using SQL CE, you can delete them. the .refresh files contain file paths to dlls that have been added as references to the web site.

okay. I do not work locale. Refresh a problem if you delete files, right?

Hi kortmazsefa,


I do not work locale. Refresh a problem if you delete files

What do you mean this?

The way Visual Studio allows us to include DLL files which are not covered by the project references is with the use of a Refresh file.

# Using Refresh Files with WebSite Projects to include DLLs


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