[RESOLVED]Best practices on persisting chat history ?

Hello everyone, 

I am building a mvc application, with a chat component, 

the messaging will be implemented as a real time messaging system which also stores the history in  database,

so that messages are available whenever the user logs in (it should be like the facebook messaging system)

however, am trying to considering best practices  on where to store the chat history, should it be stored on sql server?

would that be scalable? am already using sql server to store all the data for the application on azure sql database.


If you already use azure sql you should know what features it has. For the majority of applications, azure sql will scale just fine. For more details read http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5335838/can-sql-azure-scale-without-any-specific-technique-or-administration-partitioni 

I would go for it, because you already use it.

it depends on the size of the content. azure sql databases are rather limited in size (150gb smaller than the disk on my laptop, little more than my tablet), though may be big enough for char session, if no attachments allowed.  As you are on azure I’d store
the history in table storage.   

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