[RESOLVED]Backgroung image not loading in my Aspx page

Hi ,

I have one problem with setting body background .I have image in image folder in visual studio.

In my css



background:url("../images/logo.png") no-repeat;


.but in browser image failed to load pls any one help me to solve this one.


First check the path is correct or not

second if path is correct then the folder is containing that image of same name as mentioned.

Hope it will help you.


I just drag and drop image from visual studio image folder.So url has same name and correct path ya???


url has same name and correct path

Most likely the issue will be the css getting cached in your browser. You can clear the cache by pressing the "CTRL+F5".

can you tell me where this style is .in css file or html page

Is there any other css also which you are using 

then try this



background:url("../images/logo.png")  repeat; 0 0 !important;


hope this will help you.

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