[RESOLVED]asyncfileupload not firing uploadcomplete server event Please help

Step two in my create user wizard adds images to system using the asycfileupload control. When I set the activesetupindex to step two for testing everything works and the uploadcomplete event is called.

when i remove the activestepindex the wizard navigates normally but when I get to step two the asynfileupload does not fire the uploadComplete event. Not sure what may be causing it

Can someone please help me here.. This is not a typical circumstance can other suggestions have not worked


Please refer to the example at:


Thank you for your reply.  My problem is a little different.. I have a create user wizard and the asyncfileupload is one of the steps. If I take that code out of the step OR fix the wizard step by setting thte ActiveStepIndex property of the control delclaration
to the asyncfileupload step, the event fires and there are no issues..

If I remove the activeStepIndex property to allow normal navigation (3 step wizard) the server side UploadComplete event does not fire. 

The wizard seems to be the culprit here, but i’m not sure where to go from here.


One option that you can try is to use an iframe in your step. Place the AsnycFileUpload in the iframe. You can handle the server event in the page in the iframe.

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