I’m going to convert a Classic asp application to MVC application. Experts could you suggest some guidelines for this from your experience?

There are no "conversion" steps. You just have to rewrite your app. 

I’m not meant the conversion steps. Ofcourse, i’m going to rewrite my application using ASP.Net MVC. But my question about, is there any advice/points/guidelines to consider during this migration from your realtime experience. :)

Not really. There is nothing in the classic ASP app that is reusable except the workflow, and even then, that probably needs to be revisited. 

When I last converted something from classic ASP, I decided to use Web Pages and VB. I blogged about it http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/category/1/classic-asp (the three most recent articles).
Because both are page-centric, I could copy some VbScript into .vbhtml pages and just tweak it to make it VB.NET. It might have sped the development process up a little bit but not significantly. I was able to discard a lot of disused functionality and incorporate
some new stuff, but essentially it was a brand new project with the existing classic ASP app serving as a kind of partial requirement specification.

Thanks Mike! Really valuable points! Hope that other people also share their real time ideas too!

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