[RESOLVED]ASP.NET MVC web API returns an empty response

We are running load tests. We have a .NET application that calls to a ASP.NET MVC web API application. We are seeing that it is intermittently returning an empty response. We then tried using curl to call into the web API. We have a PowerShell script with
a loop that executes the same curl request 400 times. We are executing the script concurrently with 12 threads. We are then seeing the following curl message returned occasionally:

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

and we are getting back an empty response. This might happen roughly between 2 and 7 times in 5000 executions. We can see from our logs that the correct response is returned by the web API. We are passing in the same curl message every time so we are expecting the same response every time. We even changed the POST method in the web API app to return a simple response and the same problem still occurs.

Could it be a network issue? Any ideas?


I suggest you implement Async/ Task programming in your code:


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