[RESOLVED]Adding a new field in Register Page.Storing Data in DataBase


 I’m new to this,To start with i downloaded a wingtip web asp.net sample. I want to include a new field ‘EMPLOYEEID" in register page and store the data in AspNetUsers database table. I have created the field in Register page and a new column in database(Aspnetuser.EmployeeID)

What are the changes to be done in code to add the user data to database through register page.

//For now I have done something like this: IN register.aspx page I changed this(in BOLD)

protected void CreateUser_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
var manager = Context.GetOwinContext().GetUserManager<ApplicationUserManager>();
var user = new ApplicationUser() { UserName = Name.Text, Email = Email.Text , EmployeeID = EmployeeID};
IdentityResult result = manager.Create(user, Password.Text);

Hi harshilshah,

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Based on my understanding ,you want to add extra information in  AspNetUsers database table?

Firstly you need to install these two packages:- Microsoft.Aspnet.Identity.Core

This package contains the core interfaces of ASP.NET Identity.Microsoft.Aspnet.Identity.EntityFramework

This package contains the implementation of ASP.NET Identity System which works with Entity Framework Code First. This means that if we use this package then we can store information in a SQL Server database. Also we can easily plug other databases if we
wanted.and then updated your IDE

Secondly,Enable Entity Framework Code First Database Migrations.Thirdly,Add new properties

Fourthly,Add New Migration

Fifthly,Update RegisterViewModel

and then Update Register View Page and Update Account Controller’s Register action (Post Version)

Details information:

#Customize User’s Profile in ASP.NET Identity System


Hope this can be helpful.

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